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Student laboratory LPSES (LFSEZ in czech)

Laboratory of photovoltaic systems diagnostics supports educational laboratory of photovoltaic systems and electrochemical sources (LPSES). This laboratory is used for teaching the students FEE CTU in the field of photovoltaics and electrochemical sources. In addition, the laboratory is used in training sessions organized by the Department of Electrotechnology and LPVSD. Part of the laboratory is also a dark room, where tester of photovoltaic cells from company PASAN is placed and measurements of dark characteristics of photovoltaic cells are performed. Website of this laboratory can be found here.

Risk analysis in the field of PV systems

Laboratory diagnosis of photovoltaic systems in the context of their business also deals with the risk analysis of PVS. In the theoretical level possibility of we examine streamlining of risk analysis suitable by combination of methods, especially in the collection and evaluation of the input data. In cooperation with manufacturers, operators and the insurers of PVS we create a knowledge base of hazards and risks. The possibilities of new procedures in risk analyzes we verify directly on the real practical problems. If you are interested in the topic of an individual project, bachelor or master thesis in the field of risk analysis, contact Ing. Petr ╚ernek.

Measurement and testing of solar systems

Thermography and electroluminescence (Research)

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