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There are following courses teached in laboratory:

Course denomination Course nameWebsites
A1B13SVS Systémy pro využití sluneční energie Materials for exercises and lectures (in czech only)
AD1B13SVS Systémy pro využití sluneční energie - dálkové studium Timetable and lectures (in czech only)
AE1B13SVSSolar Energy Application SystemsMOODLE, Materials for exercises and lectures
A1M13EZF Elektrochemické zdroje a fotovoltaika MOODLE (in czech only)
AE1M13EZF Electrochemical Sources and Photovoltaics   MOODLE
A5M13VSOVyužití solární energie
A5M13FVSFotovoltaické systémyMOODLE (in czech only)

In the summer semester of 2014 takes place in a laboratory teaching of following subjects: (link to timetables) AE1B13SVS, A1B13SVS.

Master's thesis, bachelor thesis and individual projects

The laboratory offers students the opportunity for professional development in the field of photovoltaics and electrochemistry not only through mandatory and compulsorily elective courses, but also through individual works under the guidance of the Department of Electrotechnology teachers. The following courses are offered to students of relevant study programs: A1M13DIP, A1B13BAP, A1B13IND, A1M13IND. We also cooperate with other departments in the assigning the diploma and individual works. For example with interfaculty study program intelligent buildings. In case of interest please review our review of the allready carried works and think about where you would like to contribute to the further development of photovoltaics and electrochemistry not only in our laboratory, but perhaps in the world. Feel free to contact any worker LPVSD or teacher of Department of electrotechnology. Contact e-mail Ing. Ladislava Černá.

Laboratory equipment

The laboratory is primary intended for teaching of photovoltaics and electrochemical sources. In 2013, the lab was supplied by new equipment financed by the Ministry of Education project (FRVŠ) and its function was extended for the other measurement possibilities. It is device for electroluminiscence measurement, thermal imager TESTO 882, equipment for I-V characteristics measurement MI3108 and electronic load PEL 300.
The instrumentation allows performing the following experiments and measurements:

  • Measurement of incidence light
  • Measurement of radiation spectrum (RED TIDE 650)
  • Measurement of I-V and P-V characteristics of PVM (PROVA210, PASAN, MI3108)
  • Measurement of PV cells temperature dependances
  • Continual light source (halogen, 300 W/m2)    
  • Continual light source (halogen, 900 W/m2)
  • Thermography (TESTO 882)
  • Measurement on Solar chimney model
  • Electroluminescent measurement
  • Charging of accumulators - max. charge current 80 A.
  • Measurement of accumulator capacitance.
  • Measurement of batteries capacitance.
  • Cycle tests, loading of batteries.
  • Thermography (TESTO 882)
  • Electronic load PEL300

  • Elektroluminiscenční měření Termokamera TESTO 882
    Electroluminescent measurement Thermal imager TESTO 882 and example of measurement (simulation of PVM fault)
    Spektrometr RED TIDE 650 Solární simulátor 300 W/m2
    Spectrometer RED TIDE 650 Solar simulator, halogen bulbs 300 W/m2
    Solární simulátor 900W/m2 Solární komín - model
    Solar simulator, halogen bulbs 900 W/m2 Solar chimney model
    SWIR kamera a vybavení fotokomory Měření VA charakteristik EUROTESTPV MI3108
    SWIR camera - dark room equipment Measurement of PV charakteristics - EUROTEST PV MI3108
    Měření Intenzity záření EUROTEST PV MI3108 PEL300 s příslušenstvím
    Irradiance measurement Measurement of discharging characteristics of LiFePo4
    Nabíjení baterie LiFePo4 Různé primární články a akumulátory
    Charging of LiFePo4 battery Various types of batteries and accumulators