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    Based on the ever-expanding database of defects of PVP diagnosed by our laboratory, we are able to analyze and professionally evaluate various defects of PVP. By their diagnostics we also rely on other research teams and groups at the Department of Electrotechnology FEE CTU in Prague. Some methods of diagnostics, we are able arrange for you at the level of cooperation between CTU FEE and other universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

    In-house we can arrange diagnostics of PVP based on the measurement of Volt-Ampere characteristics of illuminated as well as unexposed panels, analysis of cells by LBIC and LBIV, flash tests of individual cells and measuring parameters of unexposed PV cells (dark current measurement). In cooperation with our partners we offer also thermal measurement and testing of climatic resilience.

    Diagnostic procedure outside the laboratory

    Our laboratory is able to offer, as an ancillary activity, also diagnostics of whole PV power plants. In this case, however, we focuse only on defects of panels. In the case of requirements for assessing the quality of of the PV power plant proposal, or defects of inverters, we will offer you one of our partner companies.

    Example of the procedure of whole PV power plant diagnostics

    1. You suspect the lower performance of PV power plant due to damaged panels.
    2. Your system supplies, by inverters monitoring, different power in differnet sections of otherwise identical sections of power plant.
    3. First, diagnose PV power plant using thermography.
    4. In the case you order measurement at the company Workswell you can, for an additional fee, require the presence of a LPVSD worker at the measurement.
    5. Specialist of company Workswell diagnose by thermography measurement suspicious PV panels.
    6. Our worker performs a measurement of V-A characteristic of suspicious PV panel using solar analyzer and document location of the panel within the PV power plant.
    7. In case of doubt he recommends removing of panels and their further analysis in LPVSD (flash test, insulation resistance measurement, by-pass diodes control).
    8. Approximately within three weeks you will receive a summary report - thermographic measurement and expert opinion from LPVSD.

    FVE Vepřek, diagnostika závad FVE
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