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Measurement of insulation resistance

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    Insulation resistance is the parameter ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic panel (PVP). We measure the resistance between the frame of PVP and output terminals. For measurement is used high voltage resource. It is also possible to dielectric withstand test of PVP by applied voltage up to 6 kV. This measurement we also offer like so called minute test for inverters and other electronic devices. We measure by equipment Hi-Pot Sefelec SXS56. The device is also able to measure the contact resistance of joints of the frame of PVP. Measurement is documented by report and list of measured values??.

    Overview of offered tests

    The following list is an overview of all tests associated with measurement of insulation state and safety inspection of a photovoltaic module that our laboratory carries out. Accredited tests are marked blue and their full list can be found here. Out of accredited tests we also perform additional measurements, which can be, due to laboratory's incorporation in the CTU, also less common or of experimental nature. For these measurements we are able to eventually invite other experts from all disciplines that the Czech Technical University in Prague deals with.

    Test procedure nameTest procedure identification
    Visual inspection BSOP_06_A (ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.1; ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.1)
    Insulation Test - system voltage <= 500 V BSOP_04_A (ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.3;ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.3)
    Insulation Test - system voltage > 500 V BSOP_04_A
    Dielectric Withstand Test BSOP_03_A (ÈSN EN 61730-2 MST 16;ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.3; ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.3)
    Ground Continuity Test - fusing <= 12 A BSOP_05_A (ÈSN EN 61730-2 MST 13)
    Ground Continuity Test - fusing > 12 A BSOP_05_A

    flash test

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