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    Flash test is the basic measurement of electrical parameters of a photovoltaic panel (PVP). With short light pulse of defined length, irradiance and spectrum we measure entire current-voltage characteristic of PVP. This measurement is a useful tool for mutual comparison of PVP power, or verify the truthfulness of nameplate values of panel.

    Measured values

    The customer obtains data on the following parameters of PVP:
    • open circuit voltage,
    • short circuit current,
    • voltage in maximum power point,
    • current in maximum power point,
    • maximum power,
    • fill factor,
    • efficiency of PV cells,
    • efficinecy of PV module,
    • series resistance of PVP,
    • parallel resistance of PVP.
    All measured parameters have an accuracy defined by the manufacturer of our flashtester. Laboratory uses tester AA-AA-AA class, PASAN - Sun Simulator IIIc. The resulting voltage characteristics we subject, on the customer request, expert analysis so we possibly are able to highlight on defects of PVP and also recommend other suitable tests for their diagnostics.

    Another additional service is periodic measurements of PVP at pre-arranged intervals and prediction of aging of PVP. In the case of repeated measurements of the same panel in one-year period we provide significant discounts.

    Example of report

    For each measurement we provide a detailed report and graphically processed measured data, possibly also statement of expert guarantor. Report example. This report customer receives in electronic and printed form, in most cases within 14 days from the date of measurement.

    Overview of offered tests

    The following list is an overview of all tests associated with determining the performance of a photovoltaic module that our laboratory carries out. Accredited tests are marked blue and their full list can be found here. Out of accredited tests we also perform additional measurements, which can be, due to laboratory's incorporation in the CTU, also less common or of experimental nature. For these measurements we are able to eventually invite other experts from all disciplines that the Czech Technical University in Prague deals with.

    Test procedure nameTest procedure idnetification
    Visual inspection BSOP_06_A (ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.1; ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.1)
    Flash test - G= 1000 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1; ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.2, 10.6; ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.2, 10.6)
    Flash test - G= 1000 Wm2 BSOP_02
    Flash test - G= 100 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1)
    Flash test - G= 100 Wm2 BSOP_02
    Flash test - G= 200 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1; ÈSN EN 61215 èl. 10.2, 10.7;ÈSN EN 61646 èl. 10.2, 10.7)
    Flash test - G= 200 Wm2 BSOP_02
    Flash test - G= 400 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1)
    Flash test - G= 400 Wm2 BSOP_02
    Flash test - G= 700 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1)
    Flash test - G= 700 Wm2 BSOP_02
    Flash test - G= 1200 Wm2 BSOP_01_A (ÈSN EN 60904-1)
    Flash test - G= 1200 Wm2 BSOP_02
    PV power plant thermography BSOP_43
    Measurement of Voltage-Ampere characteristics in real conditions BSOP_44

    flash test
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